Certified according to DIN/ISO 9001 aquatherm is a worldwidesuccessful manufacturer of plastic pipe systems for potablewater application, climate technology and for the heatingsector.aquatherm was founded 1973 for the development, productionand installation of ho t-waterunderfloor heating. At thattime aquatherm was one of the three first suppliers of underfloorheating on the European market.

In 1980 aquatherm developed the plastic pipe system fusiothermfrom polypropylene for sanitary and heating installations.Up to now this innovation is the foundation stone for asteady growth.

The total workforce at all sites numbers over 450. Each daywell over 150 kilometres of pipe and 230,000 fittings areproduced, stored anddispatched.

Presently aquatherm is located at 3 sites in Germany totallycovering more than 68.000 squaremetres for offices, productionand warehouse:

1. aquatherm main site D-Attendorn (Biggen)
2. aquatherm branch D-Radeberg near D-Dresden
3. aquatherm-metall D-Attendorn (Ennest)

The aquatherm-pipe systems are produced 24 hours every-day at 6 days a w eek to meet theconstantly increasing demandsat home and abroad and t o guarantee impeccableand punctualdelivery.

Today, aquatherm is a globally acting company, present in 80 countries of t he world, undisputed market leader in man yfields and last but no t least a flexible middle-sized company,which is able to compete with big groups.