Suadi Ceramic


Saudi Ceramic Company was founded in 1977. It is a leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles,sanitary ware and electrical water heaters in the Middle East.


Headquartered in Riyadh, the company has achieved a reputation for high standards andquality production. SCC today encompasses six factories: 1 Sanitary Ware factory, 2 TileFactories, 2 Electrical Water Heaters factories and 1 Frit plant, located in the Industrial City ofRiyadh, covering an area of 600.000 square meters with 2.500 employees.


With a presence of more than 30 years in the local market, SCC is considered one of the mostwell-established local brands.


The company has also been exporting extensively to foreign markets and its products are nowavailable in various Asian, African, European and American countries.